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Xperia Users Enjoy 50GB FREE Cloud Storage courtesy of Box

Box also extending their partnership offer with Sony giving away the same 50GB FREE cloud storage space to Sony Xperia users throughout 2014 up to December 31st More »

How To Run Android Apps on Your PC or Mac

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PhoneJoy Play: A device that turn your smartphone into a console

PhoneJoy, a wireless controller for smartphone, an innovation created by PhoneJoy Solutions America, Inc. based on Central Hong Kong. More »

Make your own Google+ desktop app for Mac

Fret not, thanks to the information that I gather from the net, I can now make my own Google+ dekstop app for my Mac with ease. All you need is a file, a google+ icon and Chrome browser. More »

How to remove your house from Google Maps Street View

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Copy and CudaDrive service is shutting down

Copy discontinued, one of my most used cloud storage apart from Google Drive and Owncloud has announced via pop-up notifications on their page that on May 1st, 2016 they will be shutting down the popular service.

We are announcing today that the Copy and CudaDrive services will be discontinued on May 1, 2016.

Copy and CudaDrive have provided easy-to-use cloud file services and sharing functionality to millions of users the past 4+ years. However, as our business focus has shifted, we had to make the difficult decision to discontinue the Copy and CudaDrive services and allocate those resources elsewhere. For more information on this decision, please view the blog post from Rod Mathews our VP & GM, Storage Business.

We know this comes as disappointing news to our users, but rest assured that we will do everything we can to take care of each of you in the manner for which Barracuda is known. We have partnered with Mover to make migrating your data to another service as easy as possible and have created a step by step guide that walks you through the process of moving your data to a local hard drive or another cloud storage solution.

If you are on a paid subscription for either Copy or CudaDrive, please keep an eye out in the coming days for an email with more detailed information on your options. For additional information, please visit our FAQ page.

Thank you to everyone for your support.

All the best,
The Copy & CudaDrive Team

Some people that I know have close to 500GB from referrals, which I imagine they’re looking to migrate that to other cloud storage. This is why I have my files stored in multiple cloud storage and only backed them online as a backup. I guess now I too need to start hunting for a worthy replacements. Some recommendations* are:

*credits where its due



How I upgraded to UniFi 50 via TM’s 100 hotline

spedometerOkay, first of all I’ve been a subscriber of UniFi VIP20 with Mega pack since 2012 and was Streamyx 4Mbps for a year prior. Recently Telekom Malaysia (TM) has come out with 2 new home packages; UniFi 30 and UniFi 50. With all the hype surrounding the new UniFi 30 and UniFi 50, and seeing how the price of the new plan is little to no difference to what I’ve been paying TM for my VIP20, I bit the bullet and decided I too want an upgrade.

So, I went to Sungai Petani TM Point today with the intent to upgrade my VIP20. I told the staff I would like to upgrade my package to Unifi 50 with Aneka pack only to be told I’m not allowed to do so due to the price including GST is the same to what I’ve been paying. Instead they told me was I can add RM53/month to get my speed bumped to 50Mbps and retain my mega pack which will set me back RM316.94 although I will lose my free landline to landline calls.

Now, I heard that quite a number of existing subscribers got a call from TM telemarketing and got their account upgraded with a better price and package from what TM Point is offering and I thought to myself it worth a shot. So, I called TM’s 100 hotline and spoke to a friendly customer service operator. Apparently from my conversation, it was made known to me that TM has their own offering which is totally different from what TM Point is offering! From what I’ve been told by the customer service operator (CS), I can apply ON THE SPOT for an upgrade to 50Mbps with my current mega pack for RM285.14 including GST and retain my free landline to landline and so I did. AWESOME!

Manual APN settings for Maxis, Celcom, DiGi, U Mobile, Tunetalk, Altel in Malaysia


For quite a while, I realized that one of the most visited page on my blog is on the topic on how to setup Celcom’s 3G APN on Android and while it is useful for me back then, it has been 3 years since and now I think it is time to write a whole new post about APN settings for all telcos in Malaysia.

Please note that all the information below were taken from online discussion forums here and there so it might not be complete or outdated. If you found inaccurate information please do let me know in the comment section below.