I’m one of those who are always changing ROM. The only ROM I’ve been loyally using for quite a long time, close to 6 months is Insertcoin by baadnewz. Been using it as my daily ROM, even sponsored some hosting space for it (now closed). But as time goes by, my phone felt like a bit lag and always low on memory and storage. So I figure this is the time to flash to a new ROM, something BETA maybe. So last night I went and flashed Cool3D Sense 3.5 ROM based on the upcoming HTC Bliss cooked by Coolexe.

Just look at the screenshots, aren’t they nice? In my opnion, Sense 3.5 is the most beautiful UI that HTC ever produced. This ROM as beautiful as it is, still got a few bugs which haven’t yet been irones out. If you are too concern about Bluetooth, Graphics and Video, then this is not for you.

Sense 3.5


Flashing A Kernel Using ADB Shell

But hey, forget about the ROM, let’s focus on how you can learn flashing a new kernel to your Android phone using adb.

  1. Assuming you already downloaded Android SDK and have it installed on your computer, place the zImage you want to flash inside your AndroidSDK\tools folder.
  2. Reboot your phone into FASTBOOT/bootloader mode.
  3. Once you’re in FASTBOOT/bootloader mode, run the following commands (from your AndroidSDK\tools PATH):
fastboot devices  -- Should pull up serial #

fastboot boot zImage -- Your phone will automatically reboot


The command above will only temporarily boot the new zImage, meaning you can test and do whatever you want, but after you reboot your phone again — your previous zImage will be reloaded, removing the current one you were testing (Recommended method for testing, until you’re sure you want to permanently flash).

If you want to make the new zImage you’re trying to flash permanent, enter this command instead:

fastboot flash zimage zImage


Please note the first “zimage” should be lowercase and the second “zImage” is your image file that you want to flash. While doing this, fastboot might hang so just turn the power off on your phone then put it back into “fastboot” mode by pressing on the Power button WHILE holding down the Volume down button. Then press Power button once more to enter “fastboot” mode. You should see the image being flashed now. Just reboot after that.

credit: pseudoremora


  1. why my LG P500 show me a bug when is in the “writing process”?…it says: “writing ‘zimage’… FAILED (remote: unknown partition name)”, i think Fastboot isnt recognizing my “zimage” partition..or isnt mounted. Please help dude!

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