Astronyu is my new alter ego nickname as I getting bored with nyunyu. Actually I plan of making this domain my general rants like where did I go, who i stumbled with, new gadget I bought, new country I’ve been etc but it seems like whenever I sit in front of a computer with internet access, I become a different me. Such a bad habit.

So, I’ve decided to update this blog with ANYTHING. I will try to train myself to document anything related to my daily life as I planning to refer back to it when I got older. 🙂

So, apologies for this terrible prologue, I will try to improve my grammar along the line of this digital journal.

Thanks for dropping by.

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Shaiful Aizal is a tech,gaming and electronic gadget enthusiast. He has since 2005 building websites, running a web hosting company, and at one time even doing freelance web designer. Nowadays, he is an entrepreneur and loves to branch into new ventures and every weekend if not busy he loves to fly his drone and RCs.

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