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You might have been in a situation where you wanted to let others watching Netflix through your account while you’re out or share your Alldebrid account with your guests but you worry of giving out the passwords to them. Lucky for you, there is a service now sets to help you share your online accounts without ever giving out your password.

AccessURL is a Chrome extension which lets you share your account with anyone securely. The way the extension work it capture your session or cookies while you generate a sharing link that others can use to access your account. You can set the sharing link to expire in a day, a week or none at all. As it uses your session, everyone will be logged out when you log out of your account.

So, let’s just say I want to give you access to my Alldebrid account so you could download your favourite cartoon, first I need to fire up my Chrome, browse to and click on the AccessURL extension button on the navigation bar. Once expiration period for the URL is set up, I then click on the Create Access URL and give it to you.

accessurl alldebrid

Using the sharing url given, you will see a page like above. To get access, you must be on Google Chrome browser and must have AccessURL extension installed. After that, you can use the service as if you’ve just logged in and still have access as long as the link not expired or I still logged in.

AccessURL does not rely on or have access to usernames or passwords. AccessURL relies on cookies instead. On most websites, that means if you sign out, everyone using your Access URL will get signed out too. This is one of the ways AccessURL prioritizes security above everything.

By design, AccessURL’s server cannot read user’s data. It doesn’t have the password (which is unique for each Access URL). The Chrome extension encrypts the data before it reaches the server and doesn’t give the server the password.


One thing the service cannot do is sharing accounts which require IP address verification. Regardless, this service still useful for people who want to share access with others without compromising their own password.

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