Android Auto now available for every car

android auto

Android Auto

Google Android Auto was launched two years ago and since then there are over 200 new car models from 50 brands supporting it. For older cars however, this technology is not yet available.

Earlier this year, Google released Android Auto standalone app that gives driver-friendly screen similar to what you have in its dashboard version. Now, a new update for Android Auto brings new clean interface. The new update enables you to quickly glance over at your phone and be presented with driver-friendly interface showing only essentials information in one screen.

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Using the Android Auto app, you can turn your car into a smart car. Listen to music, make calls, use Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation, all these with minimal interaction to ensure safe driving. In the coming weeks, the app will also let you use “Ok Google” commands to use directions, send messages and control your music.

Another smart feature brought with the new Android Auto update is an automatic app startup. If your car or accessories supports Bluetooth, you can set the app to automatically starts when connected to the Bluetooth network.

Google Android Auto update will be rolling out to more than 30 countries where Android Auto is currently available. If you would like to be notified once the update becomes available, sign up your interest on the Android Auto website.

Now that the new update is coming, would you use Android Auto on your car?


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