Back to Work Again

Singapore Changi Airport

Alright, it’s finally my time to go back to work.

Just recently, I got an offer to work on a platform/jacket inspection project somewhere in Sorong, Indonesia close to Papua. Since I was unemployed for nearly 2 months, I accept the job even though the rate is killing me.

What interesting is that my agent mistook me for still being in KL and booked me a ticket from KLIA to Changi while I was actually already in Sungai Petani. So, I have no other choices but to buy my own ticket from Penang to KLIA on my on expense..afterward can claim la so no issue there 😉

So, today is my second day in Singapore and I will be flying back to Malaysia early tomorrow morning. I was called up to be here to run some standard calibration on the survey equipments, mainly their Gyros and also doing verification on the DGPS system. So far everything has been well and the result was excellent. I will however need to come back here in a few days to help my colleague to interfacing ROVs equipments to the survey system and get everything run perfectly.

So, a few days in Singapore for work is as usual BORING. I hate to work in Singapore as mostly my job will involve calibrations and mobilisations and these are HEAVY work. Hahahaa..I know right, want high rate but less work..who doesn’t want that? Anyhow, this is only the first phase of my work, in a few days I will be called up again to join the vessel for work somewhere in Sorong, Indonesia. Till then, wait for my next post for probably a few shots of the place.



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