2011 is the year where I set my mind to buy quite a few stuff. So, for instance my next gadget would be a tablet. Might be iPad but since I’m not really an apple fan I’ll go with Android tablet. Right now I have my eyes fixed on Motorola Xoom tablet. Quite a tablet I must say. Hopefully my financier will approve my budget for this year to get one of it once it launched 🙂

So, about this tablet, you can see it in action coutesy of TechCrunch.com:


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Shaiful Aizal is a tech,gaming and electronic gadget enthusiast. He has since 2005 building websites, running a web hosting company, and at one time even doing freelance web designer. Nowadays, he is an entrepreneur and loves to branch into new ventures and every weekend if not busy he loves to fly his drone and RCs.

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