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Connecting your apps with your social account is the norms these days. There are tons of site and apps which offers this for the sake of user convenience. Sure some of you must’ve have connected your Google account or Facebook account to apps like Dropbox, Instagram, Snapchat and more, but how many of you remembers to remove the permissions of the one you’re no longer using?

By logging in or connecting your social account to another service, you basically gave it some permissions to that app to access your basic personal information stored on those services. Often these are secure but sometimes connected apps can be a liability – remember the breach on Snapchat?

If you’re like me, regularly browsing the web and tries out new apps and service, then you will find your list of connected app growing with time. Even some of them are no longer exist. But does it stop there? The answer is NO. Even if the service is no longer exist, as long as you still have the connection, the app or website or API can still access your personal information.

Cleaning up the permission can be very tiresome for those with long list of connected app. You can get into the applications and permissions page of your social account to do app cleanup and uncheck the ones you’re no longer using.

Alternatively, you could make use of the service provided by The service provides direct links to the permission pages of eleven major social networking and sharing sites. It can also alert you when an app access your private information as well as audit your apps permission on the go. MyPermissions also breaks down the types of permissions apps and sites are accessing, such as knowing your location or accessing your files.

And no, MyPermissions does not have access to your site credentials. The way it works is using your current login session to revoke or edit the connected apps.

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