How To Create a Nice Looking Google Plus Widget


In the previous entry I posted an article on how you can create your own Google+ app for your Mac. This time, I would like to show to you how you can show a Google+ widget on your wordpress blog with the help from

I would like to introduce a web site that can help you create a really nice widget called Google Plus Widget. This is not really a widget or wordpress plugin but rather it give you html code.

1.) You Need To Find Your Google+ ID. How?

Google+ 21 digit ID


There are 2 ways you can get your Google+ Profile ID. The first is when you login to Google+, click on your profile picture and you will see your profile url in your browser’s address bar. The second method is by hovering your cursor over your profile photo, your profile url will be shown in the status bar. Note the first method will do just fine and easier as you can directly copy your ID which is the 21 digit number after your profile. So, for example, my ID is: 104683411841628781199

2.) Get Widget From

Get Widgetsplus

Click on Get Widget

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3.) Customize Your Settings According To Your Preference

Customize Widgetsplus Settings

On the page you will see all the settings you can change.
Make sure you enter your 21 digit Google+ ID and customize the rest. Since my blog doesn’t have enough space for the default size, my settings will be different with yours.
1.) 104683411841628781199
2.) 160  –> this is the width of your widget.
3.) English

You are free to customize the rest of the settings to your own liking. As for me, I just left everything as default.

4.) Once Done, Click “Get Code”

Get Widgetsplus Code

Once you are satisfied with your settings, click on “Get Code” button. The page will show you a preview of how your widget will looks like. If you like your preview, copy the code and paste it into your blog or web site.

This is how the widget looks like for me. Don’t forget to add me in your circles! 🙂

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