Creativity-minded desktops seems to be in the trend now. Last week, Microsoft’s unveiled its own creative PC, their first desktop which they called Surface Studio complete with its own unique accessory called Surface Dial, and it was impressive. The all-in-one PC has since receives a lot of praises.

Yesterday, at Adobe’s Max conference in San Diego, Dell showcased a teaser video of its own all-in-one dual-display creative PC. First spotted by SurfaceProArtist, the teaser comes without any further information of specs, features or pricing details. It is clear that the upcoming PC is set to take on the Surface Studio.

Unlike Surface Studio, Dell’s creative PC seems to have two screens as well as a rotary controller similar to Microsoft’s Surface Dial. The machine also looks to have at least six speakers across bottom bezel of the screen. Interestingly, rather than directly drawing on the screen, Dell’s creative PC have a tablet display where it is used for creative inputs.

At the end of the teaser video, Dell mentioned that the device will be unveiled soon and later in a tweet, Dell confirmed the device will be officially announce in CES 2017.

With Microsoft’s creator update due to launch and their plan to have other PC makers to copy the surface dial controller, it is only a matter of time that we soon see more of creative PC in the market.

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