Easy way to get a free iPad (within 24 hours)


For you who has been browsing the internet most of your time, you would be really getting used of this kind of title. There are so many people out there who are giving away iPads and other stuff in return for readers and subscriptions but 90% of them are for those who are living in US or Canada or Europe and less chance for a Malaysian to get one.

Fear not! There is currently one giveaway opportunity (at least) that you can be a part of. The giveaway is currently hosted by a collective-buying platform called JackCow.com. This site mainly target shoppers, diners and travelers about some exclusive deals & discounts at the best places to eat, relax, shop and travel in Malaysia.

So, how can you get a free iPad? Simple.


Simply buy a Jack’s Pot coupon from the site that will cost you RM0.00 and you will be issued with a unique coupon. Once the promotional period is over which is in less than 24 hours, the winning numbers will be announced on their website www.jackcow.com and their Facebook and Twitter page www.facebook.com/jackcowdeals and Twitter www.twitter.com/jackcowdeals. So make sure you have subscribed to all of these channels so you can match your coupons with it.

The more the merrier, so instead participating in this giveaway alone, ask your family members and friends to join you as the more people buy the coupon (it’s FREE anyway), the more prizes they will put into the bucket thus you will have HIGHER chances to win! Isn’t that exciting  🙂

So, if you’re ready to see if you got what it takes to win a free iPad, join this giveaway. There’s nothing to lose by joining and besides, you’ll get a chance (maybe multiple chances) to win a free iPad. Head straight to http://www.jackcow.com/team.php?id=46 and read more about this deal. Act fast before it expires in less than 24 hours.

*I am not in any way affiliate nor own the websites stated above. This is a mere post to share what I found online. Besides, I’m participating in this deal as well and looking forward to see more people joining.


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