Enable Google’s Pixel fingerprint gestures on other Android phones


Google’ Pixel fingerprint sensor can function similar to a touchpad, you can swipe down on it to check your notification and quick settings and swipe up to make it go away. This feature is absent in other devices, that’s of course until now.

In a post over at xda-developers forum, user ztc1997 has created a small app called Fingerprint Quick Actions which enable users to have similar feature to a Google Pixel on their devices without even have to root their device.

To use the app, once you have it installed then go to Settings, scroll down to Accessibility and tap on Fingerprint Quick Actions then toggle the switch on to enable the feature. This will give the app accessibility access. Once that’s done, you can go back to the app and customize your gestures with various actions available within.

fingerprint quick actionsfingerprint quick actionsThe Fingerprint Quick Actions app is currently not available in Google Play Store and only available for download from xda-developers thread.

Note that the app may not work perfectly on all devices due to it being in the early version. All bugs while using this app can be submitted to his github page.




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