When it comes to recreating the movie theater experience in the comfort of your own home, projectors offer an increasingly affordable solution. With recent advances in technology, front projectors are becoming more affordable than ever. When it comes to setup and general use, these units work quite differently from flat panel or rear projector televisions. Whether you are setting up the ultimate game room or creating a cozy home theater for the family, knowing what to look for and what to expect is the key to enjoying all of the benefits that home theater projectors offer. You can also check out this iptv download where you can stream all of your favorite shows and movies. Projectors are available with resolutions comparable to most televisions. They also include many of the common video inputs, such as HDMI, VGA, DVI or Display Port, to ensure that you can connect your video and audio equipment in the same way that you would connect a traditional television. This makes it easy to integrate a projector into your current home theater system. Simply mount your projector or place it on a shelf, find a suitable projection surface and you are ready to enjoy your movies, games and television programming on a scale that traditional televisions simply cannot offer.

Choosing the Best Front Projector for Your Needs

Projector performance is measured in two ways. Resolution determines the clarity of the image as it becomes larger. Lumens determine the overall brightness of the image and how far the image can be projected before details are lost. If you are watching high-definition video or playing the latest video games, choosing a projector with a resolution of 720P or 1080P will yield optimal results. These projectors also typically support widescreen display formats to provide the largest image possible without cutting off or stretching parts of the image. In most cases, choosing a projector with at least 1,000 lumens is recommended. Models with 2,000 lumens or higher can provide improved picture quality in brighter environments if needed. Learn more about projectors at dell.com

Choosing the Ideal Placement for Your Projector

One of the most important things to consider when using a projector is the placement of the screen and projector unit. In most cases, a dimly lit or dark room with at least seven feet of open space between the screen and projector is ideal. However, depending on the optics and brightness of the projector, images can be displayed from as far as 20 feet away. In most cases, as you move the projector further from the screen the image will get larger. However, it will also require a higher lumen rating to keep details and brightness at their peak. If you are dealing with a smaller space, choosing a unit with a short-throw lens can help to create a large image with little distance. Most units are designed to throw an image measuring at least 50-inches diagonal while more expensive models can project images that exceed over 120-inches.


The Best Surfaces for Screens

After finding the perfect place for your new projector, choosing an appropriate screen surface is the next step in achieving optimal results. Projector screens are available to ensure easy setup and reliable performance. White screens will create a brighter image while silver screens create greater contrast. While both of these screen types will work with most projectors, white screens tend to reflect ambient light easily. If you are unable to create a dark environment for your projector, choosing a silver or gray screen can help to prevent problems with image clarity and color. For maximum space savings, consider an automated projector that can be rolled up and stored by remote when the projector is not in use. Learn more from BuyDLP.com.

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