Facebook has launched its new gaming platform called Facebook Gameroom, formerly known as Facebook Games Arcade. The new platform is currently only available for free on Windows 7 and above.

With Facebook Gameroom, Facebook is introducing an easier way for developers to bring high-quality games to the PC to take full advantage of the CPU and GPU native power. The Facebook build target lets you deploy your projects to either the new Gameroom desktop app for Windows as a native Windows player, or to using Unity’s WebGL support. – Sheree Lee

Similar to Steam, Gameroom client features various games genre including including shooting, strategy and new games designed exclusively for the platform. There seems to be no offline gaming supports as you will need to maintain a connection to Facebook while using the application.

facebook gameroom

For those of you who are interested, can download Facebook Gameroom in source link below and share with me what do you think of the platform.

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