Free WordPress Blog Setup

If you think setting up WordPress as easy as the installation the you gravely mistaken. WordPress is a very good blogging platform script, but for you to maximize your blog’s potential and benefits, you would need extra features that I have to offer, especially if you are coming from blogspot or WordPress and want to have a blog on a domain of your own. Now I give you my service of freeWordpress blog setup.

free wordpress blog setup

I have strong background with WordPress since 2005 and I have been offering my services to international customers since then as part of the services offered through my web hosting company (now sold).  I can make your WordPress blog more SEO Friendly, and user targeted, so you can maximize the potential that it has.

Hence the name freeWordpress blog setup, this is a free service, I don’t actually mind if you decide to tinker with the installation yourself and learning from your mistakes as it will help you gain more experience but if you want to take this opportunity to of free service then please hit the next button without any more doubt.

What else do I offer apart from the Free WordPress Blog Setup?

  • Complete WordPress Installation
  • Optimize your Blog for Search Engines
  • Making Your Blog Hacker/Spam proof
  • Adding Disqus/Livefyre Commenting System

And upon request I could also

  • Setup Feedburner account to handle your RSS Subscribers
  • Setup Contact Form/Email Subscription Option and Embed it in your Blog
  • Automate Daily Backups of your blog

I will only install essentials and quality plugin on your blog as to minimize load time.

The Catch?

If I said there is no catch then I would be lying. You see, I’m offering free WordPress blog setup for free as of no payment involved.

The only catch is for you to sign up with one of my partner web hosts who are the most popular web host chosen by bloggers in Malaysia as the Best WordPress Hosting Services in the industry (Note you must use our link provided in the next page).

They will in exchange pay me a commission. Since you’re going to pay for a web hosting anyway, you’ll see this offer is a win-win situation where you are also getting the service entirely free and boost your blog to the next level. Oh, this service is open to all residents from all countries.

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