Get 23GB Storage on Dropbox With Just A Simple Trick


[Updated: Scroll to the end of this article to read more]

The chances are you have a HTC branded Android phone and you already got yourself the free 23GB storage space from Dropbox, good for you, but for others who are not using the latest smartphone by HTC and still want to free dropbox dough, there is another way 🙂 All you need is just an Android powered phone and a few minutes of your time.

*I am not responsible if you brick your phone following this guide. Be warned, this involved a third party APK and if you’re not really sure what you’re doing, PLEASE DON’T. Installing third party applications from unknown sources can be harmful if you’re not really know what you’re doing please be careful.


  1. Uninstall your current Dropbox on your phone.
  2. Install this third party Dropbox experimental build. You might want to turn on “Unknown sources” settings under “applications”.
  3. Wait for a few minute until you received an email from Dropbox like below:

    dropbox confirmation email for the free 23gb bump
  4. Now, if you’re using dropbox on your PC, you can check your storage by clicking on the Dropbox’s icon on the system tray.
    23GB Free Dropbox Storage


Mine was upgraded just fine although keep in mind this free storage is only valid for 2 years and will expire after that and oh, if you’re paranoid like me, uninstall the experimental build and reinstall the official build from Dropbox’s website and don’t forget to change your password, just in case :p.

Credits to @schummuck for the Dropbox APK file!


[06 April 2012] It turns out that if it is too good to be true then it probably is. This is the case with this trick. I checked my account today and to my surprise the free 23GB which I received from the above method are now gone. My account is now back to my normal storage allocation which is now around 5.2GB.

Now, if you’re thinking of using this trick/exploit/method then please DON’T!. Dropbox has already stated that they will remove any space received from this method as discussed in this forum thread.


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