Get FREE MaxCDN 1TB Account


Time for freebies!

If you read my past posts, you’ll notice there is one about MaxCDN which you could win 1TB account from the contest organizer, well if you entered and didn’t win don’t fret as you do have another shot to win a free account and this time NO NEED FOR ANY CONTEST.

MaxCDN Speed Awareness Month 1TB Giveaway

Before you said anything, this is not a paid review. It just happened that I like the service and want to share with you guys. Let’s say you have a portfolio site for your photography business or website design business, you would want your site or sample works to be loaded immediately on your client’s computer right? So, by utilising CDN, the speed of your websites serving pages to your reader/clients will be improved.

In case you didn’t know, I have been using MaxCDN since a few weeks ago and so far everything is looking good. Still experimenting here and there but I think the site loading experience was obviously improved, don’t you think?

And now to the news, I got an email from David Henzel, VP of Marketing over at MaxCDN, informing me that they’re participating in Speed Awareness Month and to honor the month, they are giving free 1 Terabyte (TB) of Bandwidth. Yes, you read it right, FREE no frills, no string attached. If you don’t think you need to use any CDN, well I highly recommend you take on this opportunity to use one as it will speed up your websites and improve your SEO rankings.

Besides, like I mentioned above, you don’t have anything to lose. Head to MaxCDN’s website and start signing up. Maybe while you’re at it, sign up for your friends as well 🙂

Speed Awareness Month (August) – Get FREE MaxCDN 1TB Account

MaxCDN is offering this FREE 1TB account giveaway only for the month of August so I suggest you get on with it the soonest you can. They do require you to provide payment information for security purposes as they would not want people start abusing this offer. Upon signing up your credit cards will be charged USD$0.01.

I’m still waiting for their representative to contact me back on this matter but I don’t think that is a problem, do you think?

[Aug 13, 2012] I finally got a response from MaxCDN’s Product Manager, Stephen Gonzalez about the $0.01 charges when you sign up for the FREE 1TB Account.


Yes, the 1 cent charge is only a temporary authorization to prove card is good before submitting full order.  It is the recommended way to thwart fraud, especially for our global eCommerce business. 

Depending on the card holders bank terms for temporary charges, the charge may be held in pending for 24hrs, but no more then 30 days.  But the cent will never be captured for payment.


Stephen Gonzalez

Product Manager with NetDNA® CDN—The Science of Acceleration®
Email / GTalk / AIM: [email protected] / Skype: netdna–sgonzalez
D: 1.323.301.1406 / F: 1.323.843.9584

So, there you have it, the nominal $0.01 charged on your card was only a temporary authorization by MaxCDN to make sure the order was legit. So, hurry up and grab the chance before August ends.


[Aug 14, 2012] It seems peeps over MaxCDN really listened and now they changed the terms to be less confusing. They now accepting payments from PayPal other than the usual Credit Cards but instead of a “hidden” $0.01 charges, any signups from this date will be charged $1, which the company claimed to captured your payment information to prevent fraud and in case you need more bandwidth after you finished your initial 1TB. The 1 dollar charge is fully refundable although I like how they say “If you want your $1 back, send an email to [email protected] and we will refund you” lol.

Q: Why do you charge me $1? I thought signups are free this August?

 A: We have to take your payment information to prevent fraud and in case you need more bandwidth. Unused bandwidth will expire after 12month and we will offer you another terabyte at a discounted rate. If you want your $1 back, send an email to [email protected] and we will refund you 🙂
How many of you has taken up the offer so far?