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Google Inbox, as claims by Google is an app that goes beyond email to help you get back to what matters. The app although still in early beta only works with personal Gmail accounts and at the moment only accessible by invite much like Gmail was when it first came out, though invitations are fairly easy to come by. In case you’re tired of waiting for an invite and desperately need to start using Inbox, there’s a way to force Inbox access on your mobile device, as discovered by netham91.

This hack was tested on Android only and in order for it to work, you would need to find someone who has an Inbox account and who’re willing to share their credential with you. Of course, you can ask him or her to just send you an invite but this is in the case where he or she is out of invites.

As explained in net91’s blog:

  1. Install Google Inbox app
  2. Get ID password of someone who has Inbox.
  3. Add their account to your phone. Login into Inbox using their account.
  4. Now inside Inbox switch account ( option in side panel).
  5. Congrats now you have Inbox!!
  6. Delete the other account from your phone.

So, as explained above, ask your friend to add your Google account in their device via settings ~ add account option. Then, he or she need to sign into their Inbox app and then switch account to yours by tapping your account in the left side panel. By now you should have Google Inbox account, download and install the Inbox app on your device and sign into the app using your Google account.

You can also borrow your friend’s ID and add it into Google Inbox app on your device, that works too. Just make sure to change the password to a temporary password before doing this as sharing password is always a big NO.

So, if you’re Google Inbox user, do share your thoughts about the app down in the comment section.


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