google gmail for iosiOS users now received an app update which brings vast improvement over its UI, performance and features. This significant updates is the biggest in four years according to Google. For starters, the new updated Gmail app now with a material design, same design of its Android sibling.

google gmail for iosAmong others, emails now show your sender’s avatar and you can switch account faster by selecting it from the sidebar. Gmail for iOS also include Undo Send option, similar to what can be found on desktop, as well as can quickly deleting and archiving items by swiping gestures. Also part of the new features is when using search function, you will be greeted with a real time result and suggestions even while you’re still typing in the search box.

google calendar for iosIt not just Gmail for iOS, Google Calendar for iOS also received some new features. You’re now have options to see your schedule at a glance in Month view and if you want to see more of your schedule, just rotate your screen to landscape and you will have full week’s view.

The new Calendar app also allows you to search for events, reminders and goals in Apple’s Spotlight Search and finally, Google Calendar for iOS now includes alternate calendar such as Lunar, Islamic or Hindu calendar alongside your current calendar. Unfotunately, the Google Calendar app update doesn’t include iPad compatibility.

The new Gmail for iOS and Calendar for iOS app is available on the App Store now.

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