Well, this is unexpected. Hugo Barra, Xiaomi’s VP for international business is leaving the company but will stay as an advisor to the company. In his thank you post on Facebook, Hugo Barra announced that due to personal reason he is leaving Xiaomi and moving back to Silicon Valley.

Xiaomi’s President Bin Lin in his reply thanked Hugo for his contribution and goes on to announce senior VP Xiang Wang will take over from him as VP for international business.

THANKS FOR A GREAT 3.5 YEARS, MI FANS — When Lei Jun and Bin Lin came to me nearly four years ago with the opportunity…

Geplaatst door Hugo Barra op zondag 22 januari 2017

Hugo Barra made the news when in 2013 he left Google to join a new startup company at the time, Xiaomi. The company, having a good track record in China is was trying to assert themselves into US market and the arrival of Hugo Barra gave Xiaomi the exposure they need in the West.

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