Instagram Stories has become very popular on Instagram. It is said 100 million users were using the feature everyday within a few weeks of being release. Not bad for a series of video showing moments of your day and gone at the end of the day. Take that Snapchat!

After being introduced back in August, Instagram now release an update with several new features such as Boomerang, Mentions and Links.

instagram stories boomerangBoomerang, as it names implies, is a short video that play forward and reverse. This new feature is only to be used in Instagram Stories and not regular Instagram, for that you need to use its separate app. To create a Boomerang, swipe right from your feed to enter Stories camera. Find and tap Boomerang mode just beside the record button. Once you tapped record, a short burst of photos will begin and later it will show you your looped photo.

instagram stories mentionsMentions is tagging system much like in twitter. You just need to include @ symbol followed by the username you want to tag in your story. A person who are being tagged will see an alert in their Instagram Direct.

instagram stories linksLinks is currently being tested on verified accounts. It is basically a way for you to know more about the person you followed. The way it works is similar to adding an anchor links in an online article or in a blog.

Story creators will add link in their stories and a See More button will appear at the bottom of any story that has link added. I expect this feature to be very popular as creators can finally use it to promote products or social channels. Again, Links is currently only available for verified accounts.

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