Last week, Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom has confirmed that a live video feature will soon comes to its app. Yesterday, two new features has made their way out.

instagram live video

Instagram Live

Available on both iOS and Android, Instagram live video like others, allow viewers to add comments and unlimited hearts but also comes with a twist, the video and comments and hearts will disappears as soon as the video ends. No replay will be made available.

Changes was made to the app, previously reported based on the leak by in T Journal report, the app no longer featuring Go Insta! button but rather will have a normal Start Live Video button.

Once your live video starts, those of your followers who most engage with your photos and videos will get notified. You can add or reply or choose the best comments and pin it to the top of the reel. For privacy, you can also block or report anyone who harasses you.

Instagram Direct Ephemeral

Instagram also pushed an global update to its Instagram Direct, now you can directly send disappearing photos and video to group and individual follower. Your recipient can only read and replay your message once before it permanently gets deleted.


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