If you’re a cloud storage junkie you would be pleased when you hear this. Cloud-storage service provider Box commemorating the launch of their new app for iPad and iPhone by giving away 50GB FREE storage to anyone who signs up for a personal account. Unlike Dropbox which offers 50GB free cloud storge but with validity expiration of 2 years, Box.com gives you this 50GB FREE cloud storage for life, yes you heard me right, FOR LIFE.

Storing data becomes an important issue for businesses, as there are a lot of ways that data can be lost. Consequently, a data backup plan has to be part of the standard operating procedures for businesses of any size (click https://www.backblaze.com/blog/backing-up-for-small-business/ for more info).

So, if you already Box user and already have the app, please do update the app to the latest version and get this you must log out and log back in to receive the upgrade.

If you’re new to Box.com, sign up and verify your email address. Download Box app on your iDevices (iPhone, iPad) and log in. You will then receive the 50GB free cloud storage offer. Please note you MUST log into your account THROUGH the app for the upgrade offer to be triggered.

Of course there’s one catch to this awesome news. This offer is not cumulative with other offers which means if you previously redeemed a 50GB storage upgrade offer from Box, your storage allocation will remain at 50GB. If your account has 20GB of storage space or less than 50GB, your account will be upgraded to 50GB. Lastly, this offer is only eligible for you who’re running iOS6 or iOS7.

And oh, hurry up. Offers stands till February 15 2014.

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