Mac HackStore, When Mac App Store Is Just Not Enough


hackstoreWhat Is The HackStore?

I bet many of you when you read the word “hack” your mind will automatically think of this as similar to Installous on iOS. Nope! You’re totally wrong. The HackStore is third party Mac App Store contains various genuine apps and softwares like Apple App Store, but the thing that differentiate it from the latter is The HackStore has everything in it, I mean everything including apps or software that are not available in Apple’s App Store.

But don’t get the name confuse you, The HackStore does not have pirated apps or tweaks like what you get on Installous, this is a real alternative to Apple’s App Store per say. Andrey Fedotov, a Russian Hacker turned into a programmer founded this site as he moved from Russia to United States last year’s December. HackStore was launched officially in April 2012.

The motto of our application – «No piracy apps here, forever and ever», so no cracked and piracy apps here. This means that in our app will be applications and tweaks for Mac OS, which is not in the Mac AppStore, or for any reason they have not posted there. – The HackStore

HackStore UI does seems to look similar to Apple’s App Store and users can rate the apps, read the description, screenshots, rating and review.

Although the author of this site encourage developers to add their apps to HackStore even if it was rejected from Apple’s Official App Store, any pirated or cracked apps are not allowed to be uploaded into The HackStore.

The current version as I wrote this article is v1.1.7 and you can download it on HackStore website. Why not you try the HackStore now and share with us what you think about it in the comment box below?