How To Make your own Google+ desktop app for Mac


The whole wide world now being sucked again into Google’s marketing as they launched a new social service called Google+. Yes, Google fans will certainly rejoice hearing the news and I for one among them.

Google+ (Google Plus) is a new social networking service that is aim to take on Facebook and Twitter among others pulls together real-time status updates and photos from friends, and allows you to organize your Google contacts (say, those you gathered with Gmail) into neat, easy-to-view “Circles.” There’s also a neat feature called “Hangouts,” which allows for no-fuss video chatting with up to 10 people at a time. Check out their official blog and review from Techcrunch.

But seriously, what were they thinking launching a service such as Google+ without even launching a desktop app whether for Windows or Mac or Linux? Well, at least I didn’t heard of any.

Fret not, thanks to the information that I gather from the net, I can now make my own Google+ dekstop app for my Mac with ease. All you need is a file, a google+ icon and Chrome browser.

  • Step one, download the file from here.
  • Step two, download the Google+ icon/picture from here.


Once you got all the required files above and save it somewhere easy to find such as on your Desktop, run the .dmg file. It will show you something like this.

Inside the createGcApp.dmg



and it will ask for name of your application, in this case we call it Google+

Enter the name of your app


Then it will ask you to specify the web url of the application in this case should be

Enter the url of the application


Finally before it can create the app, you will need to tell it to use which picture to be used as the icon. Choose the Google+ icon you downloaded earlier.

Choose an image as an icon for your app


After you finished giving your app an icon, it then will show you confirmation that your app is ready. You should be able to find it in Application folder or by using Spotlight search for “Google+”. Start the app and make it so it will keep in dock.

Google+ app is now ready

Now you have a fully working Google+ app on your Mac. I know, it’s not really a full fledge app but it is easier than opening a browser, signing in etc. Besides, as this is a different Chrome profile, it allows you to keep signing in via this window even you already logged out from Google in your Chrome browser. Anyway, thanks to Mait for making this simpler version via Applescript. Hope this is useful for you as well.



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