Manual APN settings for Maxis, Celcom, DiGi, U Mobile, Tunetalk, Altel, Webe, ONEXOX in Malaysia


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For quite a while, I realized that one of the most visited page on my blog is on the topic on how to setup Celcom’s 3G APN on Android and while it is useful for me back then, it has been 3 years since and now I think it is time to write a whole new post about APN settings for all telcos in Malaysia.

Please note that all the information of APN settings below were taken from online discussion forums throughout the Internet and it might not be completed or outdated. If you found inaccurate information please do let me know in the comment section below.

apn settingsAs the list grows, this post has become longer thus I’ve split the post into several pages.

For any option field which aren’t been explained or noted in here, please leave them blank.

Added ONEXOX APN settings.
Added Webe APN settings.
Added Altel, RedOne APN settings.
Added Digi, Umobile, Tunetalk settings.
Added Maxis, Celcom APN settings.

APN settings pages:

Page 2: Maxis & Hotlink
Page 3: Celcom
Page 4: Digi
Page 5: Umobile
Page 6: Tunetalk
Page 7: Altel
Page 8: RedOne
Page 9: Webe
Page 10: OneXOX


  1. salam,..
    sy guna note dah check setting APN tu semua dah betul tapi still tak boleh connect dgn data internet(maxis prepaid).
    bila on wifi broadband celcom boleh pulak.
    rugi la sy dah beli mobile data internet..tapi tak boleh guna.
    kenapa ya? boleh tolong tak? 🙁

  2. Assalam, i using lenovoa3300 with celcom prepaid, buat pangilan dan terima pangilan boleh, tapi nak surf terus tak boleh langsung…minta tolong sahabat.

  3. Hi….sya pnguna digi…sya ada broadband maxis..tapi sya tiada sim maxis, sim digi blh tak guna maxis broadband…ada perlu setting apa2 tak kt maxis broadband utk guna digi sim,
    mcm mana cara nya kita nk ubah setting maxis broadband to diginet

  4. i root my galaxy S5, and now i cant do any of those APN settings you’ve given. i tried digi and maxis , its not working for me,really need your help

  5. hi, sebelum ini saya pakai samsung galaxy mega 6.3. masalahnya timbul setelah saya bertukar dan gunakan asus zenfone 5. tak dapat on data. simkad yg saya guna sekarang adalah simkad BestMobile. ada floating msg d screen hp “Parameter mismatch from stk”.

    pakej internet sdhpun diactivekan.. masa guna samsung phone takda masalah data ok. tlg bantu jika boleh. thx.

  6. AssaLammualaikum… Saya pakai iphone 5d n guna sim altel 4g… Tgk pada apn yg asl xsama dengan yg awk punya… Mcm ne saya nk wat ni… 4g jap tukar 3g pastu tkar balik 4g… Camne nk wat?

  7. Boleh internet unlimited kuota pkai digi rm3 sminggu. Aku bagi klu jela sbb trick ni aku yg explore. Xperlu bbm tu sume. Klunye nokia e7

    • Untuk celcom 4G, guna APN setting yang sama seperti diatas. Sim celcom perlu ditukar kepada 4g sim terlebih dahulu untuk mendapat 4G/LTE.

  8. Setting apn niee utk apa yerr,maksud nyaaa kuota unlimited kerr mcm mana keer internet lagi laju kerr. . .just confuse . .

    • kalau ikut website DiGi,

      Weekly RM3 is a weekly recurring subscription plan for Internet access on mobile phones for DiGi Prepaid Subscribers only (except for Prepaid Internet and Prepaid Smartplan subscribers).

      Jadi, guna apn “diginet” je bro.

  9. Hi, I’m using opportunity n3 and on celcom. The phone won’t get 4g network. Compared to my other phone (note 4 on celcom), it can get 4g. For your info, both phones are in the same room.

    • I’m sorry, I’m not really familiar with Oppo’s phone. To my knowledge the settings throughout Android OS are straight forward.
      I guess if you still not getting LTE/4G network, you might want to visit Celcom Cube or kiosk or centre and ask for their assistance.
      Or call their hotline number 1111 from your celcom mobile.

    • All Android phone should have pretty much the same settings structures. I’m not familiar with your phone model/brand. Safe bet is to visit the customer service kiosk/centre and ask for their assistance.

    • Settings di atas dah diupdate. Digi ada 2 APN iaitu 3gdgnet (untuk plan data sahaja) dan diginet (untuk plan mobile dan data). Jika untuk Oppo 7, boleh guna APN diginet untuk 4G.

      Perhatian: Sila semak sim card digi anda, jika ada huruf “U” di sim anda, ianya 4G LTE ready. Jika tiada, hubungi pihak Digi untuk menukar sim ke sim 4G.

  10. hai sir for digi internet setting at APN type i only got default,mms,supl,wap,ia.what should i select?
    And for Bearer what should i select? i got LTE,eHRPD,Unspecified

  11. I already follow all step for that maxis apn but the mobile data still not appear for my dony xperia miro pla help me asap ty..

  12. I already follow all the step given got maxis 3g internet but the mobile data not appear for my sony xperia miro hope you guys can help me asap..

  13. ohh thats mean…its just for open vpn ..?? okay…tapi saya da cuba dengan setting di atas tu tapi tak boleh la..tak ada data conection langsung.. please help.

  14. hello saya pakai digi prepaid.. dan hanya melanggan internet RM3 seminggu 0MB…how to set Apn for fast and unlimited quota..? thank you..

  15. Hello, I having trouble with my Samsung Galaxy S Plus, I just configure using APN setting for MAXIS, but when I try to search google or opening all web it say “cannot connect to server”. I wondering where is the problem.

  16. السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتهُ.
    sy dh try setting utk sim digi tp x blh..blh tlg?sy guna tablet 2 7.0

    • I think your problem is likely due to iOS issue and not telcos issue. Nevertheless, make sure you’re on the latest iOS version. Then try go to General – Settings – About, a prompt for carrier update should appear. Then, once the update is done, reboot your phone. See if that helps.

  17. Pls update from Maxis latest settings:

    – Name: Maxis 3G INTERNET
    – Access point name (APN): unet
    – Proxy :
    – Port: 80
    – Username: maxis
    – Password: wap
    – Server:
    – MMSC:
    – MMS Proxy:
    – MMS Port: 80
    – MCC: 502
    – MNC: 12
    – Authentication type: None

    Step 7: For the APN type, please key in Internet + MMS
    Step 8: Click on save
    Step 9: Make sure the APN for the Maxis connection is highlighted


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