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At its Windows 10 event in New York City today, announced by Sanos Panay, head of engineering for all of Microsoft’s devices is Surface Studio, its first desktop PC and its first All-in-One PC. Introduced as the world’s thinnest LCD monitor on a desktop with 12.5mm of thickness, its screen boasted 28 inch across with 13.5 million pixel within an aluminum enclosure.

Powered by either Nvidia GTX 980M GPU or Nvidia GTX 965M GPU, the Studio has a 4500×3000 3:2 aspect ratio display resolution with 192 ppi. Microsoft said the device also supports TrueColor which basically an expanded color output. Other specifications includes Intel Core i5/i7, 8GB/32GB of DDR4 RAM, 1TB/2TB PCIe SSD, 2.1 integrated speakers, SD card support, mini DisplayPort, Ethernet, 4 USB 3.0 ports and 3 fans. There’s also a linear microphone array at the top of the display and a HD camera to interact with Windows Hello and Windows Cortana.

The Surface Studio has a hinge that allows its screen to be adjusted to a near-flat orientation. As this is a Surface series device, it is only natural that it will have have supports for variety of peripherals including the Surface Pen (which sticks to the edge of it screen by the way) and among others a new accessory called Surface Dial. This dial can be placed directly on the Studio to trigger menus and other features such as changing colors on the fly, adjusting screen brightness, scrolling through a document and much more. Another interesting feature of the Studio is it comes with built-in palm rejection, eliminating false inputs and allows user to interact and work with the Studio comfortably.

Surface Studio will be available within the US for pre-orders today, October 26th, starting from $2,999 to $4,199. There are no news yet for International pricing but at current exchange rate, the device would costs you from RM12,462 to RM17,448.

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