Now that 2016 is behind us it won’t hurt to reminisce about the popular apps from last year. Over the holidays a few gaming apps received a massive rush in traffic, earning them a few of the coveted top 10 spots.

Even with that surge, however, no matter what way you look at it social media apps dominated this year- not much has changed from last year. Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are leaders in both lists with Pandora and Netflix appealing to both audiences, too.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps from the Apple App Store 2016:

  • Pokemon Go – Developed by Niantic, this mobile augmented reality game had an incredible surge midyear when it was released and another over the holidays. Pokemon Go was just one of Nintendo’s forays into the app market this year. It obviously panned out.
  • Snapchat – A picture-sharing chat app and the top rival of Instagram, was purchased late in the year by Facebook for $5 billion. Its popularity shows no sign of slowing down.
  • Messenger (Facebook) – Quietly sitting near the top of both lists is Messenger, a chat app provided by Facebook. It’s been ranking highly since it was released and should retain its place as long as Facebook remains popular.
  • Instagram – An image-sharing app. In a similar spot as it was last year, Instagram remains in spite of Snapchat’s growing audience of devotees.
  • Facebook – Leading the way in San Francisco mobile app development, Facebook allows you to keep track of and connect with friends, family, and general acquaintances of all stripes. Reviews are improving even with the changes it has gone through over the course of this year.
  • YouTube – Even with YouTube seeing its first ever year of viewership decline, it’s still a massive platform with plenty of exposure both through the web, and it’s streaming app. The decline was mostly focused on big name channels with plenty of new options growing in spite of the overall trend. If you want to grow your YouTube channel, there’s still a chance to earn massive ad revenue.
  • Google Maps – Surprisingly, Google Maps is a top download on the iOS list but not the Play Store list. This app offers it’s users the ability to look at maps and find directions.
  • Pandora – A free music streaming app that adjusts to your tastes. A personalized radio station for every user and mood. Includes ads unless you choose to upgrade for a small fee.
  • Netflix – Video streaming for when you are away from the couch. The Netflix app is a new addition to the top ten list with the promise of becoming a staple.
  • Super Mario Run – A late addition to the list due to its last minute release. Dedicated fans of this video game franchise downloaded this app so many times over the holidays that it beat out some other apps that had all year to gather downloads.

These apps make the top 10 list out of 2.2 million other apps. Notice the top 10 most downloaded ios apps are for pure entertainment and social purposes. Which means, people want to escape to digital entertainment as well as connect with family and friends. Will they keep their momentum coming into 2017 or will they fade down paving way for other new apps in the horizon?

In any cases, which app is your favorite?

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