My Childhood Memory of Aidilfitri


Today is the 20th day in Ramadhan and from my experience most people are busy getting ready to head out town but here I am, wanting to share my Aidilfitri story. Here, I’m alone without my family, in the middle of the Arafua Sea. From the looks of it, it almost certain I won’t be able to make it for this Raya.

The closer it gets, the more demotivated I get. I miss my celebrating Raya with my family, being in my hometown, eating special made dishes from both sides of my family, driving my car, visiting relatives and I will definitely going to miss celebrating Raya with my wife. This is the time where people munching on the kuih raya and biskut raya, eating lemang and rendang, drinking carbonated drinks like it were nothing, wearing colorful clothes, visiting relatives, children goes to strangers’ houses for duit raya among others.

Still, this brings back memories. It has been a while since I last received or writing an actual kad raya. It is like the more tech-savvy the societies are, the more forgotten kad raya are. Seriously, we all love technologies. Who doesn’t love the iPhone? Who doesn’t have facebook these days? But come on, once in a while why not we do things ol’skool like sending an actual kad raya. I know we can still buy it in the bookstore, mall, or even in Tesco but how many of us still use it? Most of the time people nowadays only buys kad raya just to be hang as a decoration.

I remember at one time while I’m still muda remaja, writing a whole bunch of cards to be sent to my families and friends. I remember waking up till late night writing them and I’ve been doing this since I was still a kid. I sometimes took money from my mum’s grocery store and went to buy a whole bunch of kad raya, I think I haven’t been completely honest with her yet. Maybe I’ll tell her this year. 🙂 I remember being excited when the postmen finally drop by and hand me over a bunch of kad raya with many sizes, shapes and colors. The feeling of excitement when I open the cards and read them each one by one was priceless. I remember I then arrange the cards and hang them on the wall in our living hall. For me, the decorations of the received cards beats any other decorations.

I remember the time when I was still a kid, I kept my pocket money to buy mercun and bunga api. Back then it was really easy to get them and there are a lot of choices. Maybe kids in those days are much smarter when it comes to playing mercun and bunga api since I haven’t heard of any incident happened in my area. I even showed my business skill at young age where I went to buy a few papan tikam and sold it among my cousins and friends. That time a board cost around RM5 and the profit I got from selling 1 board was RM30 gives or takes. I’m sharing these not that I approved mercun and bunga api but just simply telling you my story. So kids, if you’re reading this DO NOT play with mercun and bunga api because they are dangerous stuff.

This year, the year 2011 will be my 3rd year celebrating Hari Raya as a husband and to be honest, it has been 3 lovely years but I felt like I was just married last week and the fact that I will be here onboard this ship rather than being at home sucks. To you my lovely sweet hearted wife, I wish you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, I’m sorry for not being there with you this year. I’m sorry if there are wrongdoings in my duty of being a good husband. Married life is just like a tongue, sometimes it will be bitten accidentally. I hope we’re going to be still like a newlyweds forever and hope somewhere in the not so distant future we will have a cute baby in our life.

I’m not really sure people read my blog at all but to all of you who does, I love you all. I appreciate you coming and read the entries in this small blog of mine. I want to wish you guys Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and sorry if there is somewhere in my posts that offended you.



  1. @macha Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to you too. Nah, I can barely remembers all of my memories during transition age. What I do remember is I get RM100-RM200 Duit Raya from my big bro every year until the age of 17 🙂

  2. That was good reading. However, you should have said more about Aidilfitri as you’ve experienced it. Not just as a kid, but Aidilfitri through the ages, at various stages of your youth. As you have mentioned, it has changed from being the old Aidilfitri of othe older generation to how it’s now celebrated in the information age. What about the transition period? And while I’m still here, let me wish you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. You may be in the middle of the Arafua Sea, but I’m sure your heart is home where it belongs.


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