It has been 5 weeks since I got back from Trinidad and today is the day where I will be flying to Helsinki and will be spending my 5 weeks there onboard a survey vessel called Highland Rover. The trip this time will takes me from Penang to Singapore and then transit to Delhi before arriving in Helsinki. Arriving Helsinki, an agent will pick me along with 5 other crews for a road trip to Kotka, which is located in the county of Kymenlaakso, Southern Finland. It’s 130 kilometers east of the capital city of Helsinki. There, I will be staying in a hotel and will probably leave early next morning to board a pipe supply vessel for a 5 hours transit to pipe laying vessel Solitaire before basket transfer to Rover.

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I’m not sure who will I meet there but the important thing is I hope the food is better if not similar to Highland Fortress. Please don’t tell me you guys didn’t order Halal meat.

The weather seems fine there according to the forecast but thanks to the guys over at and, I will be sure to bring my jacket in preparation of the 3 celcius temperature.

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