Faulty Nexus 5X users gets full refunds from LG

nexus 5x

nexus 5xLG now is reportedly issuing full refunds to Nexus 5X users with boot-loop problems. The company explains the action was due to they do not have enough required parts to provide a warranty repair.

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve experienced a problem with your LGH790 and appreciate you giving us the opportunity to provide a warranty repair. We have received your device at our repair facility but currently a part to complete the repair is out of stock and is no longer available.

To rectify this issue, we would like to offer you a refund for the full amount of your device. That amount will be determined by your sales receipt. Your refund can take approximately 4 weeks to receive due to the holiday.

Users who would like to claim the full refund will need to have the receipt ready. Refunds will take approximately around four weeks, give and take.

Nexus 5X was among the first devices to get the latest Android 7.0 Nougat update. The update, while brings the latest Android version and its features to the smartphone, renders it useless with never-ending boot-loop.


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