How to Fix Nexus 7 Refuses To Boot

Nexus 7 bootloader
Nexus 7 bootloader screen

Nexus 7

With all the issues I read on the internet, I’ve been a lucky lad (so I thought myself is) until yesterday when I want to use my Nexus 7 and it won’t boot. I thought, perhaps the battery was flat and need a recharge and so I did. The moment I plugged in the charger the screen flickers a bit but still showing nothing. I didn’t expect anything and just leave it on charge hoping it to be just fine.


So, like anyone who might be in danger of losing their tablet would do, I did a little searches online  and found that I was not alone, that others were having similar issues.
Luckily there is a fix, an easy one I might add.

1. Plug Nexus 7 to a wall charger.
2. Immediately press Volume Down and Power at the same time to reach the bootloader
3. From bootloader menu, press Volume Down until you see “Power Off Device.”
4. Press the Power button to select the ‘Power off device’ option
5. Once your device is off, unplug the charger and then plug it back into the device.


Nexus 7 bootloader
Nexus 7 bootloader screen

I followed the steps above and finally my device works properly instead just showing me blank screen. So, hope that helps those of you with the same dead Nexus 7 problem like mine. Remember, don’t let your Nexus 7 running flat battery, might be a good idea to plug in charger when you see the battery drops to 10% to avoid the same thing happened again.