NFC ReTAG – Recycle Existing Read Only or Write Only NFC Tags



While the words came out that Samsung launched their TecTiles NFC application and sticker for their Galaxy smartphones lineup, I found that there is another similar application called NFC ReTAG which offers more features and has the advantages over TecTiles.

Interesting enough, in February 2012 a developer from xda-developers created an app called NFC ReTAG which basically recycle any existing NFC tag by reading the ID of the (write protected) NFC tag and connect the tag via a app internal database to various functions such as toggle Wlan/Bluetooth, launching selected apps, start navigation, set ringer mode ,browser and the list goes on. Further more, his app can be used on any NFC enabled devices not just one brand.

Among the feature in NFC ReTAG are:

  • Toggle Bluetooth without Pop-up
  • Set Alarm Volume
  • Connect to a specific WiFi SSID
  • Enable/ disable Mobile Hotspot
  • New toogle parameter for Mobile Data
  • Enable/ disable Car Mode (BETA)
  • Format option for NOT formated tags
  • Additional smarttag write option (Favourite tag)
  • Tasker fallback setting (for manual adding of tasks)
  • Setting for disabling “http://” prefix within browse activity
  • UI improvements and bugfixes
  • Mute ‘Tag detected’ Pop-up via preferences
  • Calendar entry: Open new calendar entry. Starting time: now; Duration: 1h -> Title will be set according to parameter
  • Timestamp: Adds a calendar timestamp in the calendar (ID 1) -> Title will be set according to parameter
  • Mediabutton: Simulates media buttons (Parameter: Toggle Play, Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Previous, Fast Forward, Rewind)
  • Show homescreen: Jump to the homescreen. No Parameter
  • Wait: Add a wait period. Parameter: milliseconds (2500 = 2,5 seconds)
  • Show Pop-up: Shows a custom pop-up. Parameter = Pop-up text.
  • Improved UI and some other minor tweaks

If you would like to try this app, check out the XDA Thread for more details of this application, instructions to use, change logs and download links or you can just grab the application off the Android Market.