Now you can find nearby Wi-Fi using Facebook


Facebook is currently working on an experimental feature that lets you find WiFi hotspots near you.

As spotted by TNW’s Matt Navarra, the feature is currently only available in Facebook app for iOS. A new menu called Find Wi-Fi can be found in the menu options. Before you can use the feature, you need to set location access for the app to always.

From the Find Wi-Fi option, you will see a list of free and public Wi-Fi hotspots and their locations on the map. It will also show you how far each of the hotspot from your location.

As for now, the feature is only available in select countries and it is unclear if Facebook is planning to expand it globally.

This feature by Facebook might be useful for those who are on the look for free Wi-Fi. For travelers, there is another app that will help you look for hotspots in any airports in the world.


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