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Luck, Where Art Thou!



Checked my luggage in Penang Airport, it was then registered in the system and will be sent straight to my final destination which is Visby, Sweden. Took the flight, arrived KLIA with minimal time to do any shopping, not even a carton of cigarette. Board my next flight to Amsterdam and bear the back pain for the rest of 15.5 flying hours.

Arrived Schipol Airport, took the next flight to Stockholm and prior to land, the stewardess announce all passenger need to go to the carousel to pick up our luggage and re-check-in them again for our next flight. I went to the carousel and waited until last luggage on the belt and surprise surprise…my bag went missing…again!

File a report with Missing Luggage counter and the officer has been really helpful. With all hopes that my bag would probably be arriving later in one of the evening flights, I went down to find my next gate to check-in for my flight to Visby, this is where the fun started.

The first officer I asked said that I need to go to Terminal 4 for my flight to Visby and confidently said it would take around 5 minutes to get there, I walked..walked a little bit passed 5 minutes and yet only to ask another officer who told me I need to go to Terminal 3!

I walked again, this time a bit more faster as I don’t want to get lost so finally after a long walked which if not mistaken could easily clocked 15 minutes from the first officer I asked earlier. I then check-in and my watch shows 1.5 hours till boarding time. I took my jacket off as I’m all sweaty from the fast paced walk I did earlier and went to grab a hot chocolate with a nicely done cheese cake. Delicious!

Still have plenty time left to kill, I started to look for any trace of free Wifi (Internet) but unfortunately as other European countries, Internet is NOT free ( I love Malaysia! :p) so I went out to grab a smoke before went in straight to the gate and stay there.

Arrived Visby, Allseas changed their plan again, the vessel is now due to arrive around 6pm so we went to the hotel and waited a few hours there before boarding the vessel. Too bad the food was really crappy (maybe that’s why they named the place as HamHotel). Anyway, took a banana, kiwi and tea and then went to wait for a taxi (which I was then too late as they were all went to the vessel leaving myself at the hotel 🙁 Anyway, another taxi was called and I’m finally board the vessel and suppose to stay for 4 weeks.

So, am I lucky?

Buying power!


2011 is the year where I set my mind to buy quite a few stuff. So, for instance my next gadget would be a tablet. Might be iPad but since I’m not really an apple fan I’ll go with Android tablet. Right now I have my eyes fixed on Motorola Xoom tablet. Quite a tablet I must say. Hopefully my financier will approve my budget for this year to get one of it once it launched 🙂

So, about this tablet, you can see it in action coutesy of TechCrunch.com:


Digital Cameras and the Internet


digicam-cashDigital Cameras and the Internet

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Earn Cash With Pictures

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Back in action


Initially I was thinking to update this blog with my activity but end up not having much time to do it. Now I’m already back in Finland. Lucky for me this time around is a bit special as I celebrated my birthday in snowy climate. Together with friends, I visited Helsinki Zoo among the interesting places here and boy it was awesome!

More pictures can be found on my facebook as I am not having the privileges of fast internet and time to upload them again here. My facebook is http://www.facebook.com/ShaifulAizal

Enter the Russian Solitaire


I am in my 2nd day in Russian waters onboard a vessel called Highland Rover. First, food. Food here is not too shabby. If compared to the previous vessel I’m on, this is certainly 3x or 4x times better and plus they have halal meat (chicken and turkey) so that’s a relieve.

2nd, weather. It is cold outside, not very cold but still for an Asian like me, it is cold. 10-12 celcius in the morning and 14-16 celcius in the evening. I guess I would be able to experience snow first hand later on my next trip here.

3rd, work. To those who understand what I do, it’s boring. Really, all I’ve done to date is touchdown monitoring. I’m waiting for a time to do as-laid or pre-lay which I find very interesting apart from have to sit in front of the computer all day long.

4th,Internet. Seriously, no internet cable? Unlike the other survey vessel, this one in particular doesn’t have the ethernet cable for Internet each on survey desk so Internet will have to be shared and I guess that’s pretty sum it all, meaning no Internet while on shift. Lol..way to boost production boss.

Well, on the side note, it seems my other projects like Share2Many.com, MinMu.net, Rsmaker.com, ElevatedServers.net are running smoothly without any problems so if you have some free time, feel free to check them out.

So, to sum it all, it is pretty cool to be here in this weather and this job seems to be interesting to me as it will be the first time working with Solitaire, the largest pipelay vessel in the world.