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Uber now let you add stickers to driver’s rating


uber complimentsUber has updated its app with a feature called Compliments.

The feature work much like giving a feedback to a driver. Riders can send stickers to their drivers, thanking them for helping with the luggage, keeping their cabin clean or for just being entertaining. It is a way to simply inspire them to keep up their excellent service.


For drivers, they will notice a new section in their partner app home screen showing all the stickers and compliments from riders.

Although the new feature only available in the US at the moment, it is nevertheless a good move from Uber to keep their partners in high spirit. Hopefully, more feature will come in the future for more benefits to the drivers.

Samsung plans to launch its own Jet Black color for its Galaxy S7


galaxy s7 black onyx glossy black

Samsung Galaxy S7 is a nine months old tech and the last update to the device was the introduction of Blue Coral color last month. Its successor, the Galaxy S8 is due for launch in about four months time.

With the company’s smartphone division struggled to break-even between July and September as sales plunged due to the mass recall of its Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is trying all they can to win back the confidence of their users and increase sales on its current flagship S7 and S7 Edge.

Taking a cue from Apple

This is not the first time Samsung is taking inspiration from Apple. Back in August, it added a new Pink Gold color to its Galaxy S7 and S7 edge lineup to compete with the widely popular Apple’s Rose Gold for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Now, it is reportedly Samsung will launch a glossy black version of the S7 in early December to take on Apple’s Jet Black. The glossy black version would be the second black variant of the smartphone after Black Onyx and they hoped to boost sales of their flagship device at least until the new S8 comes out.

One would wonder, will Samsung launch a glossy white version of S7 and S7 Edge to take on the upcoming Jet White iPhone?

Instagram launches two big features Live Video and Ephemeral Message


Last week, Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom has confirmed that a live video feature will soon comes to its app. Yesterday, two new features has made their way out.

instagram live video

Instagram Live

Available on both iOS and Android, Instagram live video like others, allow viewers to add comments and unlimited hearts but also comes with a twist, the video and comments and hearts will disappears as soon as the video ends. No replay will be made available.

Changes was made to the app, previously reported based on the leak by in T Journal report, the app no longer featuring Go Insta! button but rather will have a normal Start Live Video button.


Once your live video starts, those of your followers who most engage with your photos and videos will get notified. You can add or reply or choose the best comments and pin it to the top of the reel. For privacy, you can also block or report anyone who harasses you.

Instagram Direct Ephemeral

Instagram also pushed an global update to its Instagram Direct, now you can directly send disappearing photos and video to group and individual follower. Your recipient can only read and replay your message once before it permanently gets deleted.



Return your Karma and get a Hero5 Black plus full refund


karma drone

GoPro launched its first drone, Karma in September and had to recalled all of them after just two months into sales due to potential mid-air power-loss issue. Previously, I wrote that all Karma buyer will get a full refund and now, as a thank you for supporting the company, GoPro is going an extra length to show their gratitude by giving out their soon-to-be released Hero5 Black to the buyers.

Although it is to be understand that the offer only opened to all US buyers while unclear if it will be extended to international buyers.

Dear customer,

You may have received an email from us last week announcing the recall of Karma.

As part of our refund and recall program, we are offering you a complimentary HERO5 Black upon return of your Karma with all accompanying parts and accessories. The camera will begin shipping mid-December. To initiate your reimbursement process and get your FREE HERO5 Black, please call 1-866-886-3001 or visit gopro.com/2016karmareturn. GoPro, as always, is committed to providing you with the best customer experiences.

Team GoPro

gopro hero5 blackSo, if you’re GoPro Karma buyers, you should be glad to know that GoPro is offering its Karma buyers a free Hero5 Black on top of the full refund.

All you need to do to is just returned back the drone and all of the accessories that came with them. All those who are eligible for the free Hero5 Black camera offer will be contact via email.

Scan and touch up your old photos using Google Photoscan


google photoscan

Google has recently launched a new app called Photoscan and releases an update to its Photos app.

Google Photoscan

google photoscanA new standalone app that help you convert those old photos of yours, one at a time into a digital images. The app, available for free and Android and iOS, uses your smartphone’s camera to scan your printed picture. What’s interesting with this app is it removes the unwanted glares.

Google Photoscan app has a very simple usability. All you need to do is holding your smartphone above a printed picture while making sure the picture is in a frame. The app will detects edges and four virtual dots will appear. Place your smartphone on each dot and the app will capture the image. Once the app captures all four dots, it will then starts stitching together the image into one glare-free digital photo.

Once photos are scanned, you can straight away save it to your device or if you prefer by tapping on the back arrow and tap save all, or manually crop or rotate the image before saving. By default, the app will automatically detects edges of the photo you’re scanning, rotates it to the correct orientation, as well as will try to remove any glares. The scanned image will appear in Google Photos (if you have it installed) and there you can make further edits to your images.

As this is an early release, I haven’t played with its Android version. However, in iOS version I found that the four virtual points often moved away from the pictures. The app also crashed a couple of times. Hopefully Google will address this issue in the next updates.

Download Google PhotoScan for free, from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Google Photos

Agoogle photos photo and video sharing and storage service by Google. Three new features were added to Google Photos. First feature, the app now gets an improved auto-enhanced tool. Second, twelve new filters called Looks were added. It works by using machine learning to first edits the photo and apply a complementing filter. Third feature is advanced retouching options, which light, color, sharpness and style can be modify to have an optimized image.

Download Google PhotoScan for free, from either the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.