Pronto Fast Charge Battery

With the ever increasing gadgets being produced each day to make our life easier, they’re all have one common problem; battery life. So, like zombies we most of the time will either stay close to a wall socket or tethered them to a backup battery or better known as powerbank to them to keep them charged. The common letdown with most backup batteries is that they aren’t a fast charge battery so charging a device will take quite a while.

Power Practical, a company behind innovation projects such as PowerPot think they have solved this problem and have created a fast charge battery that can be charged in just five minutes with enough juice to charge an iPhone 5 smartphone from flat to full called Pronto and it comes in 2 variation; Pronto 5 and Pronto 12. The battery itself won’t reach its full capacity after 5 minutes of charging but instead it will have enough juice to fully charged an iPhone 5’s 1420(mAh) battery.


Power Practical is currently looking for funding for this fast charging battery backup over on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website and at the moment this article being written has garnered $105,508 with 1002 backers. There are 29 days left in the campaign, during which you can “pre-order” Pronto 5 for $69 with savings of $30 off retail price. Shipping scheduled for March 2015.

These are what Power Practical team claims that their Pronto is unique:

“Most universal battery packs give you power on-the-go but take FOREVER to charge. Waiting up to 12 hours to power up these batteries keeps you stuck to the wall and defeats the purpose of portable power.

We made it our mission to fix this problem by creating a battery pack that charges CRAZY fast from a wall outlet. We ended up with a design that allows the Pronto to charge up to 12X faster than other batteries on the market today. 

Both Pronto models charge in an hour and are equipped with a rugged hard-anodized aluminum enclosure. But that’s just the beginning of the Pronto’s awesomeness! 


The Pronto 5’s sleek design is perfect for your everyday adventures. Equipped with a high-power 2.4 A USB port and enough juice to recharge an iPhone5 3 times (4,500 mAh capacity), it is still small enough to carry with you anywhere you go. 

The Pronto 12 has a 13,500 mAh capacity (9 iPhone5 recharges). It has dual high-power 2.4 A USB ports and includes a 12V adapter – allowing you to charge larger devices such as laptops, DSLR cameras, and drone batteries.“

Source: Kickstarter



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