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DJI updates its drone with the introduction of Phantom 4 Pro

DJI has released the Pro version of their Phantom 4. The DJI Phantom 4 Pro as it is called, is an update to an already best in class quadcopter. It has better camera, enhanced obstacle...

Introducing Anura the smart Pocket Drone

Portable drones are becoming increasingly more popular especially after it has been made consumer-friendly by DJI. While Airdog and Hexa+ garnered over a million on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter and introduced a more complex...

Pronto portable fast charge battery charge in 5 minutes

With the ever increasing gadgets being produced each day to make our life easier, they're all have one common problem; battery life. So, like zombies we most of the time will either stay close...

Snoppa M1 – 3-axis smartphone gimbal

Have you ever noticed all smartphone gimbal stabilizer in the market has almost similar design? Mainly on the part where it blocked the charging port on most devices. Now, if you have been looking for...
platinum wireless headsets box

Sony announces Platinum Wireless Headset launching January 12

Sony has launched a new gaming headset for its PlayStation console called Platinum Wireless Headset that will be available on January 12. Some improvements over Gold headsets are the Platinum has a larger 50mm drivers...