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Unsend messages on Telegram

Have you ever sent a message to your friend or group and later regretting it? Have you ever post something to your group by mistake that you hope nobody will notice...

How to Make Your Smartphone Safer

Anyone who’s ever used a smartphone of any kind is a witness to just how useful they are, and how much more difficult our everyday lives would be without them. Whether...
super mario run

Super Mario Run now available for download as promised

Super Mario Run is now officially available for downloads in 151 countries around the world. The game, being an iOS exclusive meaning it is only available on iPhone and iPad with...
google now

Google App update sees feed separate into two tabs

Google just released an update for Google App (formerly known as Google Now) that introduce two separate tabs at the bottom of it as a way to reorganize the information delivery. The...
vlc 360

VideoLAN VLC gets 360-degree photos and videos supports

VideoLAN has released a new version 3.0 technical preview build of its popular open source, cross-platform multimedia player. Teaming up with 360-degree camera maker Giroptic, the new technical preview brings 360-degree video and photos support...