Now you can find nearby Wi-Fi using Facebook

Facebook is currently working on an experimental feature that lets you find WiFi hotspots near you. As spotted by TNW's Matt Navarra, the feature is currently only available in Facebook app for...

Uber now let you add stickers to driver’s rating

Uber has updated its app with a feature called Compliments. The feature work much like giving a feedback to a driver. Riders can send stickers to their drivers, thanking them for helping...
instagram live video

Instagram launches two big features Live Video and Ephemeral Message

Last week, Instagram's CEO Kevin Systrom has confirmed that a live video feature will soon comes to its app. Yesterday, two new features has made their way out. Instagram Live Available on both...

Scan and touch up your old photos using Google Photoscan

Google has recently launched a new app called Photoscan and releases an update to its Photos app. Google Photoscan A new standalone app that help you convert those old photos of yours, one...

Super Mario Run launches for iOS on December 15th

Remember in September when Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto appeared onstage at an Apple event and announced his new game featuring Mario called Super Mario Run? It has finally happened. Nintendo today announced...


nexus 5x

Faulty Nexus 5X users gets full refunds from LG

LG now is reportedly issuing full refunds to Nexus 5X users with boot-loop problems. The company explains the action was due to they do...

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