wifi hotspot

Wifox, a map of WiFi hotspot passwords around the world for travelers

Travelers, how many time have you scour airports looking for free WiFi hotspots? How many times you ended paying for an access? Would you like to be connected for FREE? There is...
youtube hdr high dynamic range

Youtube added High Dynamic Range video support

HDR or High Dynamic Range, is a method that aims to add more dynamic range to photographs and videos. A good HDR image must have correct ratio of brightest and darkest...

RM5 domain promotion for bloggers

Looking around for the cheap deal for .COM or .NET domain name promotion? I got just the promotion for you. Exabytes is currently having a domain promotion under their Exabytes Blogger...

This Blog Is Now Powered By CloudFlare CDN

Some of you might notice the load on Astronyu.com has improved and this blog load significantly faster than usual. This was made possible by using a service called CloudFlare. What is CloudFlare CloudFlare...

Banner Ads Scam Using ADV Plugin

get a Merry Christmas banner Yesterday I got an interesting email through the contact me page on my site inquiring me about the advertisement slot on Astronyu.com. The guy (presumably from the...


Introducing Anura the smart Pocket Drone

Portable drones are becoming increasingly more popular especially after it has been made consumer-friendly by DJI. While Airdog and Hexa+ garnered over a million...

Luck, Where Art Thou!

Back in action