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GoPro launched its first drone, Karma in September and had to recalled all of them after just two months into sales due to potential mid-air power-loss issue. Previously, I wrote that all Karma buyer will get a full refund and now, as a thank you for supporting the company, GoPro is going an extra length to show their gratitude by giving out their soon-to-be released Hero5 Black to the buyers.

Although it is to be understand that the offer only opened to all US buyers while unclear if it will be extended to international buyers.

Dear customer,

You may have received an email from us last week announcing the recall of Karma.

As part of our refund and recall program, we are offering you a complimentary HERO5 Black upon return of your Karma with all accompanying parts and accessories. The camera will begin shipping mid-December. To initiate your reimbursement process and get your FREE HERO5 Black, please call 1-866-886-3001 or visit gopro.com/2016karmareturn. GoPro, as always, is committed to providing you with the best customer experiences.

Team GoPro

gopro hero5 blackSo, if you’re GoPro Karma buyers, you should be glad to know that GoPro is offering its Karma buyers a free Hero5 Black on top of the full refund.

All you need to do to is just returned back the drone and all of the accessories that came with them. All those who are eligible for the free Hero5 Black camera offer will be contact via email.

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