Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially DEAD

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note 7

The fiasco of Galaxy Note 7

It started with a bang. Yes, Samsung debuted the Galaxy Note 7 device in August as one of the best smartphone ever built, forecasting a big sale ahead. Some say Samsung rushes to complete phones before Apple, and this strategy might have in the expense of QA & safety.

Then, things starts to go wrong. Several incidents occurring with the device overheating and catching fire. Samsung is quick to tackle the problem by issuing recall of several million devices in the market with consumer safety in mind.

After investigating, the company reassured that the problem was not due to the device itself but rather in a battery provided by one of the company’s suppliers. They then begin rolling a replacement program for Galaxy Note 7 owners worldwide.

Then, the safe device as they called it started to show the same problems resulting the Galaxy Note 7 being banned in several places including airlines and hotels. Samsung now has a disaster in hand and they are forced to stop both the production and sales of the device and confirmed that the Galaxy Note 7 will be removed from the market. All present customers with Galaxy Note 7 are advised to turn off the device and wait for replacement or refunds. If you’re thinking to hold on your Galaxy Note 7, please note that all unreturned Note 7 could be remotely deactivated by Samsung.

12 October 2016 – With the recent reported cases involving the Samsung Galaxy Note7, Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) Sdn Bhd urges all pre-order owners of Samsung Galaxy Note7 to power off their devices immediately. Pursuant thereto, the option of refund or exchange to the Samsung Galaxy S7edge will be made available for the pre-order owners provided that they return their current Samsung Galaxy Note7 accordingly.

The preorder owners will expect to be contacted from 13th October 2016 onwards by Samsung Customer Service, related mobile network operators or participating retail partners respectively on the details of the refund or exchange program.

For further inquiries, kindly contact Samsung Malaysia Careline at 1-800-88-7799. We apologise for any inconveniences caused.

– Samsung Malaysia

Although Samsung will be keep the investigation going until they found out what went wrong, the company is certainly will make a comeback from this disaster with a new model. For those who thought to wait for refurbished Galaxy Note 7 anytime soon, Samsung has confirmed that the company won’t repair or refurbish them but instead all of the recalled Galaxy Note 7 will be disposed.

What now?

With that we might as well say Galaxy Note 7 is dead. And to remember the Galaxy Note 7, here is an infographic published by Samsung showing just what is new in the Galaxy Note 7 compared to its predecessor:



Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) has announced that the company is offering RM300 cashback for those who opt to exchange their Galaxy Note 7 with Galaxy S7 Edge. The company also offering full refund too. All Galaxy Note 7 owners need to do is to return the device only if they opt for the exchange program and received a full set Galaxy S7 Edge with no extra payment and RM300 cashback transferred to their bank account. Those who opt for a full refund will need to return complete box set of their Galaxy Note 7 smartphone as well as copy of IC and bank statement.

On top of the offer, Samsung also issuing refunds for all originals accessories as long as they are returned with proof of purchase. Those who had purchased the screen protection warranty and opted for the exchange program will have their warranty transferred to their new device.

As this is a global scale recall, those with imported units are required to contact Samsung Customer Careline at 1-800-88-7799.

source:, Samsung Malaysia



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