Skype now allows anyone using its service without an account



Microsoft has now made available of all audio and video calling features on Skype to everyone with or without a Skype account. Anyone can now join Skype as a guest to chat with friends and make voice or video calls to family.

This feature is only available on Skype for Web. To get started, go to, click the Start a conversation button and add your name. You will then be given an unique link in which you can share with up to 300 people via group chat and up to 25 people on a voice or video call, with or without Skype account.

Anyone with the link can join the conversation from any Skype client or as a guest through Skype for Web. For guest, all conversations will only last for 24 hours, you will need to sign in or sign up for a Skype account if you don’t have one to use other Skype features such as continuing the conversation past 24 hours, calling a phone number or real-time translation using Skype Translator.