Snoppa M1 – 3-axis smartphone gimbal


Have you ever noticed all smartphone gimbal stabilizer in the market has almost similar design? Mainly on the part where it blocked the charging port on most devices.

Now, if you have been looking for a smartphone gimbal stabilizer and still want to have access to your smartphone’s charging port, I think this might be the one you have been looking for. It is called Snoppa M1 and it is the cheapest 3-axis smartphone stabilizer in the market going for as low as $59 each.

One caveat, Snoppa M1 smartphone gimbal stabilizer is an Indiegogo project. As usual, crowdfunding is an investment and it comes with certain risk and in this case the product may fail to be produced.

The Company

The company behind this project is Snoppa and supported by Arrow Electronics. Snoppa already has 1 successful project prior to M1 which is Snoppa Go; a gimbal stabilizer for GoPro action camera.

About Snoppa M1

snoppa m1 smartphone stabilizer

snoppa m1 3axis structure

The Snoppa M1 boasted as the world’s most advanced three-axis gimbal. The device comes with intelligent three-axis system, sleek compact design and multi-mode shooting functionality. The device is compatible with any smartphone of any size and communicate using Bluetooth LE technology. Currently in prototype phase, the delivery of the Snoppa M1 is scheduled to start in December 2016, just in time for Christmas.

The Snoppa multi-mode shooting includes:

  • Pan track mode
  • Lock mode
  • Omni track mode
  • Portrait shooting mode

and its capable to automatically shoot:

  • 360 degrees high resolution panorama
  • Motion time lapse photography
  • Multi-exposure photography

snoppa app

Also comes with the stabilizer is Snoppa app. Available both in iOS and Android, the app will enable user to remotely control Snoppa M1. Automatically, user can shoot a high resolution 360 degree panoramic picture or motion time-lapse. Also features in the app, multiple-exposure shots and advanced parameter controls.

Technical specification

Snoppa M1 technical specification

I’ve been looking to own a handheld smartphone gimbal myself. The only reason why I haven’t yet bought any was because of their prices. Read on the 5 smartphone stabilizers that I think are top of the game at the moment.

I’m not a photographer, I don’t see the point of having to spent $300 for a gadget that I know would not be used that frequent. Still, for $59 it is basically a steal. So I grabbed one. As of writing this article, the project has so far collected $237,633 in funds and has 17 days left before ended. If you’re also looking to get one, hurry up and click on this Snoppa M1 and let me know below.

*All prices mentioned in this article are in US Dollars unless stated otherwise.






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