Have you ever sent a message to your friend or group and later regretting it? Have you ever post something to your group by mistake that you hope nobody will notice it? If you’re Telegram user, you will love their new update.

Available from v3.16 onward, Telegram users now have the option to unsend or undo any sent messages within two days of sending them, that’s 48 hours after you sent them. What does that means? Well, when you delete a message, it not just delete it on your side but it will ask you if you want to delete it for your chat partner if you are single chatting or everyone else if you’re chatting in a group. That means no one will see the message ever again (unless they screenshot that message).

Apart from allowing users to unsend messages on Telegram, a slew more features also being added to the messaging app such as network usage statistic, t.me links and couple more improvements on Android side. For more details of these, check out Telegram’s blog.

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