Western Digital My Book My Passport fresh new look

    WD newly designed MyBook and MyPassport

    WD newly designed MyBook and MyPassport

    Western Digital My Book My Passport

    Undoubtedly we all have an external drive and we bring them almost everywhere we go for its portability. Often, a portable drive isn’t something people take note off but now Western Digital is doing a total design refresh and releasing an all-new design for its My Book and My Passport hard drive lines.

    Would you look those cheerful colors. No longer dull and mostly black, they now comes in colors, six of them – Black, Yellow, Red, White, Orange and Blue. These drives is formatted for Windows® 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating systems out of the box except black color which is available pre-formatted for Mac systems. All the others need reformatting to HFS + Journaled Mac to work with Apple hardware.

    Take a look at Western Digital My Book and My Passport product overview video below:

    [arve url=”https://youtu.be/l77Q5X2DPw8″]

    As you might expected, these drives does come with a little premium pricing being it new and all. The My Passport drives can be had in 1TB ($79.99), 2TB ($94.99), 3TB ($129.99), and 4TB ($139.99) storage capacities while the My Book USB 3.0 desktop storage solution will soon be available in 3TB ($129.99), 4TB ($129.99), 6TB ($199.99), and 8TB ($249.99) capacities, and is compatible with Mac and Windows systems out of the box.

    All the WD drives come with an auto backup schedule feature via WD Backup software, as well as password protection with hardware encryption and 2-year limited warranty

    This new product has yet to enter Malaysian market.


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