HDR or High Dynamic Range, is a method that aims to add more dynamic range to photographs and videos. A good HDR image must have correct ratio of brightest and darkest part of an image. This is why HDR uses three different exposures to create a stunning result.

youtube hdr High Dynamic Range
Simulated SDR vs HDR comparison (seeing true HDR requires an HDR display)

In a essence, HDR videos have higher contrast and color range than a standard video. This gives an illusion of true colors close to real life. As such, with more and more devices such as Google’s Chromecast Ultra, Playstation 4, Xbox One S and various others provide supports for High Dynamic Range videos, Youtube has now announced uploading and playing HDR content is now supported on compatible devices.

Not just supporting the HDR format, the company also equipped their Youtube Space in Los Angeles and New York with all the gear needed to produce quality HDR content. The company also worked together with DaVinci Resolve team to make HDR video upload as simple as the normal SDR video upload.

To show you how stunning HDR content are, here is Youtube’s HDR Launch Playlist for your to try out.

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