Thursday, June 1, 2023

BigPay Promo Code: FREE RM10 Cash Reward

What is BigPay: A simple & secure mobile money app that allows you to own your spending budget, pay your friends back, and track your purchases…all in real time! Benefits of BigPay: ZERO PROCESSING FEES ON AIRASIAWhen paying with a debit...

Hugo Barra leaving Xiaomi, stays as an advisor

Well, this is unexpected. Hugo Barra, Xiaomi's VP for international business is leaving the company but will stay as an advisor to the company. In his thank you post on Facebook, Hugo Barra announced that due to personal reason he is leaving Xiaomi and moving back to Silicon Valley. Xiaomi's President Bin Lin in his reply thanked Hugo for his...

Meitu defends photo app, claims user data only for analytics

A Meitu spokesperson has issued a final statement in regards to a controversial issues surrounding the photo app. The company explains that Meitu app only asks for permission similar to those other photo editing apps in the market. The company goes on by saying "Meitu's sole purpose for collecting the data is to optimize app performance, its effects and features...

Most downloaded iOS apps of 2016

Now that 2016 is behind us it won't hurt to reminisce about the popular apps from last year. Over the holidays a few gaming apps received a massive rush in traffic, earning them a few of the coveted top 10 spots. Even with that surge, however, no matter what way you look at it social media apps dominated this year-...

Meitu photo app is gathering a whole lot of sensitive user data

One of the trending app in 2017 is an anime face manipulation photo app by Meitu. You might've seen a well known figure being portrayed as an cute, adorable anime character. Take "kawaii-trump" below for an example. The free photo-editing app, although has been around in China since 2008, only recently caught on with users and viral on social medias...



How To Setup Unifi Home Networking For 3 Storey House

Most of the posts on this blog usually about something new or tips and tricks but today I'm thinking to gather some feedback on...
quit smoking

Quit Smoking



Manual APN settings for Maxis, Celcom, DiGi, U Mobile, Tunetalk, Altel,...

For quite a while, I realized that one of the most visited page on my blog is on the topic on how to setup...


VideoLAN VLC gets 360-degree photos and videos supports

VideoLAN has released a new version 3.0 technical preview build of its popular open source, cross-platform multimedia player. Teaming up with 360-degree camera maker Giroptic, the new technical...

Here Come Windows 8