galaxy note 7

2016 might be the worst year for Samsung, mainly for its Galaxy Note 7 debacle. While Samsung was quick in handling the issue by recalling all of the device on the market, the talk about it still hasn’t slowed down.

There are many who would be interested in knowing what causing Note 7 to fail, theories of failure due to design flaw, production rush, bad batteries are being discussed but the exact cause still unknown at the moment.

It is only fitting that Samsung now has turned this embarrassing moment into a high-profile media event. We’ve learned that a press conference of a full investigation findings will be streamed live for everyone around the world to see. Both Samsung Electronics and independent expert organizations will share their findings in the event which will be held on 23rd January at 10 AM Korean time, which is 9 AM in Malaysia on the 22nd.


The link to the live stream is no longer available but for those who are still interested to watch the press conference again, check out the recording below.

and here is a video of Samsung explaning the exploded battery courtesy of c|net:

Below is an infographic provided by Samsung explaining their findings.


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